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MotorEasy is more than just insurance policies and easy repair bookings, we also offer the MotorEasy shop! Providing you with products that will optimise your safety when driving in Europe and the UK. From driving kits to an anti-theft key pouch, we’ve stocked products that will help keep your life as a motorist hassle free.


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European Driving Kits

Driving in Europe isn’t quite as simple as driving within the UK, there are a few extra items that you are required to carry in your car as part of EU safety regulations. 

Our MotorEasy shop has a range of driving kits, from a basic European kit, to a premium kit suitable for the whole family. Don't limit yourself to just using them in Europe though, as it can be beneficial to carry these in your vehicle whilst driving in the UK.

No matter which kit you choose, they will all include these essential items:

Warning triangle
Adult high visibility vest
GB sticker
Headlamp beam converters
First aid kit
Foil blanket 

Not sure which kit you'll need? We've got a really handy tool which outlines the requirements for driving in each EU country.

Our premium kits include items such as an LED torch, an additional warning triangle, a 500g fire extinguisher, a breathalyser twin pack and a spare bulb set.

You are sure to feel safe knowing your car is kitted out with these items, and wherever you choose to use them, your car safety has just upgraded!


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Car Protection

Protecting your car comes in more forms than one, and we've got products to cover every aspect of your car.

 Ceramic Paint Protection

We know how nice it is to keep your car looking good as new for as long as you can. So we’ve stocked the Nano-Bond Ceramic Crystal Shield, a useful car exterior protection coating. This paint protection is designed to permanently protect your cars’ exterior from a range of everyday hazards, so your car is left with a shiny high gloss finish to keep it in top condition. 

Want to keep that new car look for longer? Get a quote for Cosmetic Insurance today.


Protect Your Paint!



You might think you haven't had that much to drink and you're fine to drive, but the likelihood is that you're probably not. Breathalysers are a fast and simple way to detect the amount of alcohol in your breath, and is a requirement when driving through France and Europe. 


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Anti-theft Key Pouch

Designed to prevent your electronic information from being stolen and protect stored data on memory cards and keyless entry fobs, by blocking the wireless connection on your key fobs.


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Worried about your car being stolen? Get a GAP Insurance quote today.


RFid & NFC Blocking Card

Unfortunately, we can run the risk of fraud in our everyday lives, but there are actions which can be done to prevent this. If you're worried about your credit card details being copied, then our RFid & NFC Blocking Card is for you. Just pop this in you wallet alongside your credit card, and your details wil be protected.


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If you're interested in buying any of the products mentioned above, the head over to the MotorEasy shop today!

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