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GAP Insurance – Return to Invoice

Nothing compares to the feeling of buying a car! And whether you’re purchasing new or used, it’s important to take out GAP insurance in case worse comes to worst. Here at MotorEasy®, we have a range of policies so that you always get what’s right for you.

When you consider that over half a million vehicles are written off and around 100,000 are stolen each year in the UK, it quickly becomes clear that having the appropriate insurance in place is key. However, if you suffer a total loss to your vehicle due to write-off or theft, then it’s highly likely that the amount you get from a standard motor insurance policy will be based on the current market value of your car, which could be considerably less than what you paid for it. A return to invoice GAP insurance plan with MotorEasy tops up the payout you receive from your car insurer to the amount you paid for the vehicle, which means – with us – losing out is never an option.

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What are the benefits of return to invoice GAP insurance? 

By taking out return to invoice GAP insurance, you’ll save yourself time and money – not to mention stress! With this protection, you’ll have the same amount of money to spend on a replacement vehicle as you paid for the original. Return to invoice GAP insurance is suitable for those who bought their car outright, on finance, or even leased it. 

For the best RTI GAP insurance, you should bear in mind:

  • Cover amount: This is the maximum amount you can claim on your policy, e.g. up to £25,000.
  • Length of cover: This is how long the policy can last for, e.g. up to eight years (or 80,000 miles).
  • Type of purchase covered: Some insurers only cover cars bought through dealerships. (At MotorEasy, we are an exception, not the rule.)
  • Length of ownership: With us, cover is available for all new or used cars purchased within the last three months. 

Whether you take out our cheapest or our most comprehensive plan, the important bits are always covered with return to invoice GAP insurance from MotorEasy. That means you can fully enjoy your time on the road, safe in the knowledge that things are taken care of. Why not take a look at our GAP insurance guide which will answer all your GAP insurance questions.


What’s covered with our return to invoice GAP insurance? 

Each of our policies covers the difference between your insurer’s payout and either the price you originally paid or the amount needed to settle your outstanding finance balance, whichever is the greater. MotorEasy® return to invoice GAP insurance is a surefire way to guarantee you’re sufficiently covered for the long haul. 

With savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs included as part of every plan we offer, expert support and assistance is only a call away. Whether you’ve broken down and need to contact us from the road or had an accident and aren’t sure what to do next, our team of professionals will be there to help. 

Oh, and your free MotorEasy online customer account will be available as soon as you complete your purchase. Buyer convenience is our top priority – and we're confident you’ll find this service more than up to your needs.

Incidentally, you’ll also get cover for:

  • Up to £500 in Motor Insurance excesses
  • Up to £1,500 in optional extras and accessories (where factory or dealer fitted)
  • European road trips for up to 30 days 


Choose your level of cover 

Ready to find the policy that suits you? Get your free return to invoice GAP insurance quote online today! Simply visit our quote page, where you’ll be asked to fill in details about your car, as well as some personal information. Your estimate will then appear on-screen!

It’s even possible to use GAP11 at checkout for an exclusive discount. 

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak with a member of our team about your return to invoice GAP insurance quote, give us a call on freephone 0800 131 0001.


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