Become a MotorEasy Partner

If you’re a publisher or business looking to increase revenue from your existing audience or web site, we’d love to talk to you about a partnership.

We’ve built a customizable MotorEasy search widget that you can embed on your website to generate revenues from any customers you introduce to us.

What is the widget?

The widget is a simple drop down list of MotorEasy products, including warranties and our range of car protection insurance products. Once embedded on your site, visitors that select a product of interest will be taken to a quote and application journey on

Why integrate the widget?

Aside from the opportunity to earn a commission from any customers you introduce, the widget might also provide useful functionality for your website visitors, especially if you operate a motoring related service.

The widget is responsively designed, meaning its dimensions will reconfigure to display on a mobile or desktop setting.

What next?

Simply follow these steps to start monetising your audience and find out how much you can earn:

1. Request an access token and provide company details

Please email sending over your contact details and a link to your website. We will be in touch to discuss commission rates you can earn, as well as provide an access token to enable tracking of leads and sales. If needed, we can also change which products are shown in the widget dropdown, as well as changing things like headings and subtitles.

2. Add widget script

Copy widget script into the HEAD of your website. You only need to do this once, even if multiple widgets are being added.

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

3. Add widget container

Add the HTML code to the BODY where you would like to display your widget.

<div class="motoreasy-widget" data-token="[received-token]"><a href="" target="_blank">MotorEasy</a></div>

4. (Optional) Initialize the widget manually

Widget will be initialized automatically on page load. But you may want to initialize it manually.

To do so, please run the following command in javascript

<script>dispatchEvent(new Event('motoreasy:widget:init'));</script>

5. View your site to see the live widget!

Once live, we will send you monthly report detailing the number of users that visited MotorEasy, the number that converted to customers and the level of commission payment earned.

Further information, please contact: