Car Health Check: Why Are They Free With Our Warranty?

By: Motor Easy
Man giving a car a health check

If you have been shopping around for an extended car warranty or breakdown cover and are wondering why we are the only provider that asks you have a free health check, here are just a few reasons. Above all we want you to be sure that your car is in good condition and there isn't anything nasty lurking around the corner that might present a large repair bill you aren't ready for. 


 Day 1 Wear & Tear Car Warranty Cover

By inspecting your car at the start of your plan, we are able to remove your 90 day wear and tear exclusion, and because we take tyre and brake measurements, we are able to give you alerts and free inspections in the future. This allows us to cover your car for wear & tear, which accounts for 40% of warranty failures, as soon as the health check is completed. Our health check is a visual inspection of your car, looking at parts such as wipers, tyres, brakes and your suspension and steering. There are also visual checks carried out on your engine to make sure everything looks in order. For breakdown cover we just want to make sure you are driving around in a car that isn't going to breakdown unexpectedly and that you are safe. 


This is also why we often offer free electrical and brake checks, to make sure that you are aware of any faults that could occur and be able to rectify them quickly before anything goes wrong. 


 Better prices for you

Pre-existing or fraudulent claims drive up the cost of car warranties for all. We are able to offer better value extended car warranty coverage for the same price by preventing these, simply by asking you to have a quick health check. It is just a visual inspection of the car but this can bring up pre existing faults with the car you wouldn't usually be covered for with any other provider as most providers wear and tear cover starts from 90 days if they cover it at all. 


 What happens if damage is identified?

We would then be able to step in and negotiate the best price for the repairs needed on your car., and we can also check if the repair is as necessary as the garage thinks it is. We can also look at the average labour and parts costs and make sure that the price you have been quoted is fair and where there might be some room to potentially bring it down. 


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